Book review: Witch’s Moonstone Locket by Marsha A Moore

I have recently finished reading Witch’s Moonstone Locket by Marsha A Moore. I have to say reading this book has made me want to add more titles from this author to my ever growing reading list.

The story follows the protagonist Janice who, after missing the passing of her mother, seeks a way to contact her one final time to say goodbye. Fortunately for Janice it seems the local coven of Witches may possess the answer she seeks in the form of a very old magic found within the moonstone locket, a locket worn by a coven member who is also grieving the loss of a loved one.

The lore behind the locket is said to help both the wearer and the person who can activate it to ease their grief, however with magic nothing is ever straight forwards, there is always a price as Janice soon discovers.

I found this writing style of this author enjoyable, she has found a perfect balance between describing events and surroundings, and allowing the reader’s imagination to complete the scene, it is something I really appreciate in a book. I would say the book targets the new adult market, however, adults and even young adults would enjoy this tale.

My favourite character in the book was Vika, without a question, I loved everything about the old witch, from her personality and mannerisms, to her home. I have to say, if I was ever in a position where I had an abundance of money, Vika has the type of home I would want, down to the drying herbs and potion filled kitchen. (perhaps it’s because I am such a lover of herbal medicine and the various application of such things.)

The story itself flows at a steady pace, and shows the author has an understanding, and has researched into the areas she covers within the book, whilst adding her own spin and lore on the foundation of the magic she uses.

All in all I found this book a really enjoyable tale, and I will be certainly adding more titles from the author to my ever growing reading list.

Why not take a look at it for yourself click here Witch’s Moonstone Locket

That’s all for now, I hope you all have a fantastic week.


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