Reading at a young age

I hope you are all well, this is just a quick post as I really want to share my pride.
I am a firm believer that reading to children from a young age is important, my little one is developmentally delayed due to prematurity, he is 21 months and can’t talk yet, I have been reading to him since before birth.
Today he read me his first book in baby sign, until now he has done the odd page, today we went through every single one with at least one sign per page.
He picked up Where’s Spot, gave it to me and it when like this.
Where’s spot? – ‘where’ sign
Naughty spot it’s dinner time where can he be? –  ‘eat’ sign then ‘where’ sign
Is he behind the door? – ‘no’ sign
We continue searching – ‘no’ signs (with a roar on the lion page) until
Is he under the bed? – ‘bed’ sign, ‘no’ sign and ‘crocodile’ sign
More ‘no’ signs as we continue looking.
Good boy Spot, eat up your dinner – ‘eat’ sign
Every few days he seems to add a new sign to it, I can’t express how proud I am of him.  We are learning Christmas carols in sign now.
I can also show him flash card from ‘your baby can read’ and he can action or point to a lot of them without my saying the word, these are words like, clap, nose, head, eyes, ears, tongue, teeth.  (By the way these are produced in random order so it is not that he knows what’s coming)
I am so proud of him and just wanted to share my pride.

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