Hi all, I meant to share these earlier but things have been so busy this is the first chance I have had.

As a birthday treat on the 27th October we put up the Halloween decorations.  Halloween really is my favourite time of the year, as such we put a lot of effort into making it special for all the little children that call upon us, living between a number of infant school this is a fair number.  We save up a little bit throughout the year and this year we are very lucky because we managed to get a new addition to our Halloween decoration family.

I was referred to yesterday as a Halloween elf whilst I bagged up the candy.  Normally we make up little coffin boxes, this year however we have gone for party bags and they overtook the room a little.  Tonight the pumpkin carving will commence, I will add the photos when I get a chance.

Enjoy the photos and have a wonderful Halloween.

20141027_220702 20141027_220754 20141027_220834 20141027_221601 20141027_221742 20141027_221755 20141027_221759 20141027_225115 20141027_225212 20141027_225220 20141027_225317


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