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On the 16th day of advent K.J. recommends to me….

Every day on the run up to Christmas I am going to recommend a book that I truly enjoyed reading.

On the 16th day of Christmas K.J’s advent recommends;


The Passion Season by Libby Doyle (Twitter @LibbyDoyle9)

A vivid descriptive voice allowing the crafting of beautifully scripted romance, epic conflicts, and heart pounding action

Buy it here.

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On the 16th day of advent K.J recommends to me
The Passion Season by @LibbyDoyle9
#KJsAdvent #MustRead #bookboost

Please note: this is something I am doing in recognition of the books I have enjoyed. The authors do not know they have been selected, and have in no way asked to participate. I receive no form of profit from these recommendations.

author, book review, reading, writing

Book review: The Passion Season: Book I of the Covalent Series by Libby Doyle

The Passion Season: Book I of The Covalent Series by Libby Doyle is a truly amazing urban fantasy guaranteed to set the heart strings aflutter and the pulse racing. At the start it follows Rainer Barakiel, son of Lucifer as he is exiled from his home. He is a Covalent, a race who above all things must find a balance between the  energies of creation and indexdestruction. His father Lucifer was a traitor, and gained control over the destruction realm and all those who dwelled within. Relentlessly he sends his forces against the Covalent in hope to seize control, whilst also sending his minions to the earthly realm where the son he wished to win over was exiled. Loneliness threatens to engulf Rainer, but find unexpected friendship from Pellus, an adept assigned to him who shield his activities from mortal eyes. Empires rise and fall, his time passed in a combination of business and battle, longing for home. But then he finds it in the most unexpected place, in the arms of a human known as Zan, and finds in her a kindred spirit. Zan, (Alexandra O’Gara) is no stranger to turmoil, she has a warrior’s soul and has survived more than most should ever witness in her life, a former army veteran, recovering Continue reading “Book review: The Passion Season: Book I of the Covalent Series by Libby Doyle”