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book review: S.L. Rowland – Pangea Online: Death and Axes (@HerroSteven )

Esil only knew life in the boxes and the mine. Data mining was the way the poor earned reviewa roof over their head, someone had to do it, and it kept them fed and housed. He slaves away beside Buzz, a friend in the same situation living with his dying mother. There was a cure, but it cost more than a miner could dream of seeing. Then came the competition. The prize money would cover her treatment, but the likes of them had no chance of entering. They couldn’t explore worlds, they could only mine. That was, until Esil struck it lucky. With one swing of his axe he uncovers something never heard of in the mines, a developers chest,, and it gives him just the opportunity to see the worlds and maybe even save Buzz’s mum. Join him as he embarks on the ultimate quest.

Pangea Online: Death and Axes by S.L. Rowland is a gripping edition to the litrpg genre. There is a great balance of game mechanics, character development, worlds building and plots. It is a fun read that will keep you entertained, from quests to the competition events. It guarantees to please. With action, adventure, secrets, danger, and high stakes, lovers of this genre and bound to enjoy this well written with style and flair. I will certainly be adding book two to my future to read list.

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