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Book review: Dette Chambers’ Death Journal by L.M. du Preez

Dette Chambers’ Death Journal by L.M. du Preez is a paranormal fiction  novel focusing around the main character and her attempt to reclaim humanity after so long living with a indexmonstrous curse. Dette  has a death wish unlike any other. For so long she has watched, distancing herself from those who look like her, those who were once what she was. They could never understand now. Death calls to her, and she answers. She has never shied away from it, why would she? She cannot die and her only remaining pleasure is tempting those close into its sweet embrace. She whispers to them, their life in her hands. Never before has she wanted anyone to live. Not until she met Zach, a man who awakens things in her long thought lost. Against her desire, against her pleasure he is spared. His presence in her life is rekindling things she thought lost, and for the first time she is honest about who and what she is. A journey of self-discovery, and rediscovery sees that for the first time since her death she begins to understand more about her curse, and seeks answers. But the things she discovers are both shocking and terrifying. Continue reading “Book review: Dette Chambers’ Death Journal by L.M. du Preez”