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Book review: A Wisp of Hope by A.J. Chaudhury

A Wisp of Hope is a short story written by author A.J. Chaudhury

Prasanta idolised the great bandit Binjal, he loves nothing more than to pretend to be this 510bfpgvuhlfeared figure. One night his mother asks Prasanta for a favour, her husband, Prasanta’s father, has been sneaking out at night. He had changed and is no longer the kind man she recalls and she asked him to follow him, to find out the cause for this shift. Honouring his mother’s request he does as bid, but the truth of his father’s nightly excursions is beyond his imaginings and shapes the whole course of his future.

A Wisp of Hope is a nice short story, it reflects how one action can create an unexpected chain of events. The author’s style is such that it would appeal to both children and adults, and in some ways makes me think of the bandit tales I read as a youngster. It’s a simple tale with an easy to grasp moral, perfect for a afternoon or bedtime read.

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A Wisp of Hope

author, book review, reading

Book review: A Song of Blood by A. J. Chaudhury

A Song of Blood is a low fantasy / historical fiction written by A. J. Chaudhury

Children are being stolen from their village, spirits or demons are whisking them away. 51noaaqhhklThe men of the town seem powerless to act, but then one night the village chief’s Nanda’s son is stolen and inaction is no longer an option. Leaving the village unguarded he takes every able bodied man out into the forest in pursuit of the demon spirit that claimed his child. Vishva warns such actions are unwise, but is still forced on this mission, but there is more to this quest than first appears.

With one foot in Indian mythology and another tailoring to those who enjoy low fantasy this short story is an interesting read. It reflects on how the actions of men can be twisted and reforged into tales of legend. The author tells a unique tale and shows great insight into humans and their beliefs.

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A Song of Blood