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Book review: Scion of Lightning – J.T. Moy

In J.T. Moy’s, Scion of Lightning, Jaks was a failure. With his conscript coming to an end he hoped to follow in his big sister’s footsteps, to be something, be someone. But he was useless, detested, worthless. Even his own father had disowned him, although perhaps that had more to do with the fact the man was monster more than Jaks’ failings. When a comet fell from the sky and he stood watch over a young woman he thought he’d finally do something worthwhile, only they were more interested in labelling her a spy than the truth and leaving him to failure and embarrassment. He vows to find her, but first he needs to get his own affairs in order. He all but failed his conscript and not a person wants him. A penniless beggar seems to be the fate awaiting him, until Fate deals him a surprising hand. Yet little does he know fate is also pulling him towards something else, something that effects the fate of all.

The world building in J.T. Moy’s, Scion of Lightning, is rich and vibrant, as a reader you are pulled into a world of strife and magic. Lands are at odds with each other, unaware of the threats that encroach from places they would least expect it, and unaware of the true nature of those once seen as heroes. I enjoyed the fullness of the world, from the rich descriptions of places that made me feel I was there, beside the characters, to the small touches and rich world building that give insight into the justice system, views, and lifestyle of those in this land. The characters are unique, I loved how Jaks is flawed, not the archetypal cookie-cutter character, but a fearful boy with a trouble past working hard against adversity, bullying, and his own mental blocks. A gripping and involved read, with real sense of dread and looming danger that you won’t want to put down and will leave you wanting the next book. Action, danger, relationships, and mystery, this book has it all wrapped in the perfect fantasy package, and on a side note, I have to confess I really loved the old school fantasy book cover. It really adds to the charm of a perfectly presented fantasy.

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