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Book review: Adam Gaffen – The Cassidy Chronicles(@RabidChipmunk42)

A wedding should be a joyous occasion, but for Cass and Ken it was the start of a nightmare they had never seen coming. Without warning enemies flock from places unknown in pursuit of someone who could disrupt one of the largest trading industries of the time. She hadn’t realised her discovery would cause so much trouble, that her side project would put her on a hit list leaving no choice but to flee in fear for her life. On the run they must discover who is behind this threat and find a way to survive before it is too late.

Adam Gaffen’s The Cassidy Chronicles is non stop action from start to finish. Rich with creative technology, brilliant ideas, and tension. While Kas and Ken are fleeing for their lives there is also an injection of humour into the plot. The characters themselves are strong and go from strength to strength with during, courage, and a pinch of luck to overcome the countless obstacles in their path. The futuristic world building is imaginative giving the science fiction lover more than a healthy dose of fun in a character driven plot.

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