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Book review: Relics of Andromeda – Jonathan Michael Erickson (@EricksonAuthor )

Anka had been raised to fear relics, touching them was taboo. Their power had razed reviewcities, and had destroyed the bridge between worlds. So when one called out to her by name she knew true fear. She was a warrior in her village, brave, quick, and strong, yet the pull was impossible to resist. As is their way, when a person discovers a relic a walk down the Long Road is made to secure the item in Ankharra. With her on this journey is her friend and shaman, Tamreh, and her closest friend, Trevor. Little do they know the journey they are about to undertake is nothing like the one the expected. All is not as it should be, as it has been for the relic carriers before, and this change in tradition breeds distrust, distrust that in answered in drastic actions.

In Jonathan Michael Erickson’s Relics of Andromeda, time travel, myths, fear, foreboding and danger unite in a tangled web to deliver an intriguing and gripping plot. There is some fun and amazing use of science fiction technology. Along with attention to world building, cultures, ideas, and implementations which made this a real pleasure to read. I enjoyed the struggles of the main characters and their gradual tempering as the plot progresses. You are invested in the characters from the start, which is a feeling that only grows through their hardship, discovery, and betrayal. Jonathan Michael Erickson has created an amazing, deep, and complex world, matching it with characters, structures, history, futures, and a threat every bit as deep. Action, betrayal, heartache, heroics, and daring fill this book to the brim as past, present, and future collide. I can honestly say I am on pins to find out what happens next.


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