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book review: Nicholas Rem – Exodus in Blush (@thewritingremmy )

It had only been four years since the Hummingbird’s last slaughter, and now rumours of reviewhis return are circling, cutting through the communities just as his own Blush does through those he wishes to destroy. There was another rumour too, one that states the Hummingbird mutated a select few, turning them into Cardinals, but this is not a rumour everyone agrees with. Just as ‘the truth’ is to be revealed news spreads of the Hummingbird’s return, a return marked by a massacre. Davlacé had been almost peaceful, until the accusation of the Cardinal origin emerges, then one turns rouge massacring all in his path, and starting a change in the people’s view on these gifted ones, that, in line with the Hummingbird return spells trouble, and people will need to unite, even if their short-term objectives differ, they need to uncover the truth, and it may not be what it seems.

Exodus in Blush is Nicholas Rem’s epic fantasy, perhaps with a touch of anime inspiration. It is filled with manipulation, questions, subplots as well as world and character building. It is easy to lose yourself in the world created, where detail is paid to things from commerce to social status and fickle minded opinions. Colourful writing with vivid details help you envision every scene as they unfold and you’ll find yourself eager to unravel the truth behind everything. There are characters you’ll love, motives you’ll question, surprising twists, and enough intrigue to keep you turning the pages. There are many layers and much depth to the book making it bound to satisfy lovers of the genre.


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