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Book review: Hayden Lane – The Park

Garret Jones works and plays in The Park, a central hub for people to gather across the reviewplanets Earth has populated. From here almost everything is accessible, games, shops, you name it, it can probably be found there. He used to come with his sister, until a car accident left her unconscious and fighting for her life. The Park is owned by five people who obtained digital immortality, something accessible for most, at a very high price. When Garret hears a rumour that Haven, a game that rewards a winner with exactly the amount he needs to turn his sister immortal, reopening he has no choice but to gather a team. However, everyone wants to win a game that seems to boast no victors, and there are those who will do everything possible to stop others from competing, and it doesn’t help that the class he gets is one he has never played. Can he survive, can he even trust those closest to him?

Hayden Lane’s The Park is the first book in The Park Online series. Be warned, it ends with a cliff-hanger that turns the book into an episode rather than a stand alone read. The main plot line is slow to start, as you learn the background needed to fully appreciate everything, but the pace is steady, gaining gradual momentum until it’s all guns… erm spells… blazing. It is a fun read, with some good game mechanics. Treachery, action, and high stakes fill the plot as Garret does everything he must to protect his friends and family from an enemy he never knew existed.

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