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Book review: Savannah Jezowski – After (@SavannahJez )

Conrad Ellis the Third, or Eli as he was known, was a spook. Spooks assisted the Royal reviewGuard by turning the creepers loose in the Neverway and keeping them outside the city. But Eli had an uncanny sense when it came to them, he could smell the, sense them coming long before anyone else could. He was happy to earn his keep and support his stepfather and brothers. Long had he given up hope on his twin, Roman, obtaining a marker for any of them so they could live a better life deeper in the city. Eli had enough on his plate with supporting the family and hiding the fact he was afflicted, but when the same brother who had abandoned them came calling for a favour he knew he was in trouble. Roman was on assignment but a new injury left him unable to see it through. Failure would mean more than loss of status for Roman, it could cost him his life. How could Eli refuse? but with the hand he had already been dealt, perhaps he should think twice before accepting his brother’s burden too.

After is the first book in Savannah Jezowski’s The Neverway Chronicles series. Within this gripping tale you will find pages of rich and vivid descriptions, and wonderful scene setting. You really start to get a feel for the city and the Neverway, a place filled with creepers who were once the loved ones of those within the city. The characters are not only well developed as individuals, but their relationships have been given due thought and attention making it a real pleasure to read as you get to know about the characters, with small aspects and history revealed through such interactions. There is a very fleshed out feel to the world, and it is a growth I expect would continue in subsequent books. Pick this up of you want to lose yourself in a heart-wrenching tale where things seem to progress from bad to worse, but where glimmers of hope can sometimes light the darkness.


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