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Book review: Jennifer Chase, Scene of the Crime (@JChaseNovelist )

Chip was dealing with the aftermath of a crazed psychopath laying waste to his home six reviewmonths ago the only way he knew how. He was keeping busy, restoring his home and working hard. But just because he was away from the crime scenes, didn’t mean the horrors of murder simply stopped. A string of bizarre murders saw the police chasing their tales, and if there was any evidence as to the perpetrator it would probably be overlooked given the state of the scenes. They needed an expert, they needed Doctor Chip Palmer. Soon his new team is on the job, but it could very well be more than they bargained for, especially when the killer strikes too close to home.

Being written in alternating perspective between Chip Palmer’s first person and alternative characters third person gives the reader a great opportunity to not only catch insight into the inner workings of the Chip Palmer Forensic Mystery’s protagonist, but also provides a fleshed out version of events, characters, and scene setting. And what a scene setter Jennifer Chase is. From the disturbing to the everyday, graphic and vivid scenes assault the reader’s every sense. Whilst Scene of the Crime is the second book of the series, it operates seamlessly as a standalone. Anything you need to know is explained in a way that not only fills in any blanks, but makes a reader curious and intrigued enough to want to visit the first book for a fuller picture. Written with brilliant prose and enhanced by vivid characters and a plot that keeps you on your toes, this is a must for mystery fans. If you’re looking for action, danger, mystery, and evolving characters and relationships wrapped in a high stakes situation, then look no further.

This book is also available on Kindle Unlimited, so if you’re a subscriber you can pick it up for free.


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