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The Abode by Patricia Mather Parker (@pmparker6)

The Abode was run by Mrs Smilt and her husband. There were rules for everything, reviewand severe punishments for any breaking of the never ending list. Fel had escaped, but not before becoming attached to some of the children there, specifically Molly, whom she had taken under her wing and shown the ropes. In return, Molly showed her how to use The Summoning, a special way of communicating via thoughts. It was a talent she had never trusted anyone enough to reveal to before. Fel had almost been of the age where the visitor could take her and, despite rule number five, she decided she would rather risk death in the mist than the alternative. Molly waited, losing hope of ever seeing Fel again, but then a message reached her. Fel was coming, and her arrival would unlock a destiny she’d never imagined.

For me, The Abode by Patricia Mather Parker had a little bit of a Roald Dahl/Neil Gaiman feel to it. Whilst it’s aimed towards a child audience, she has successfully done what so few can and has made it equally enjoyable for adult and child alike. It is packed with tension, action, adventure, and mystery, and yet it is also a tale of discovery, both of the self and of the world. You’ll find yourself falling in love with the characters. This is a charming book where creatures of myth are as real as the horrors being suffered by the children trapped within the Abode. The charm is enhanced by beautiful fonts and chapter headers with illustrations. This was a read I truly enjoyed.


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