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Book review: The Falcon Flies alone by Gabrielle Mathieu (@GabrielleAuthor )

Peppa had some explaining to do. She was found stark naked on the top of her new reviewemployer’s roof, the local policeman attending the rescue only had one question. Why the name in the passport didn’t match that he knew her by. The reason was simple. Following the death of her father Peppa had stood to inherit a fortune, but instead she was left at the mercy of her aunt, and she felt she had no choice but to flee, making her money in almost any way she could until she was old enough to claim her inheritance. The roof, however, was a different matter entirely. Fragmented memories played on her fears of madness as she saw herself flying above the world, wings stretched wide in the form of a magnificent falcon. The problem was she was now a suspect in a brutal murder. Alone and penniless Peppa seeks aid from unlikely sources, trying to prove her innocence while remaining one step ahead of the law, and attempting to find answers to her own questions. Visions keep returning to haunt her, something strange is happening, and she is determined to discover what.

Brilliantly written in the first person narrative The Falcon Flies Alone by Gabrielle Mathieu will whisk you away on a breath-taking journey. Peppa’s path crosses with many and, like her own character, each member of the cast has a deep and realistic personality, complete with character building and history. I loved the integration of science and nature and the manner in which it is described and achieved is simply fantastic. If you’re looking for a character driven, suspense filled fantasy, then look no further. Jam packed with nail-biting action, dangerous twists, and unimaginable realisations, this is certainly a book which has a lot to offer. A very strong first book in what looks to be a promising series.

I read this on KU but I was so taken by the plot I purchased a copy for my collection.

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