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Book review: Purple Pup by Karl Steam

Purple Pup is a children’s story written by Karl Steam and illustrated by Joshua Lagman

Lav, was a dog in many respects, but there were some integral difference between him and 33159583the normal household canines. Firstly, his fur was purple, but that aside he was part of a secret genetics project working to create the ultimate pet, amongst other motivations. There are people with a special interest in this project, such as the military, who would have practical applications for enhanced and adapted animals. Lav and those he had spent immeasurable time caged with were all different in one way or another, and each of them was treated differently. Lav was poked and prodded, whilst Kama, his only friend, was taken outside to play. Lav hated the humans, and wanted to be free of their torment. Then one day he managed to escape, he ran and ran, until he found himself at a farm, and made an unlikely friend who not only taught him to trust, but to love and protect those close to him. But then the unthinkable happened, those who had mistreated him found him.

A wonderfully written, heart-warming children’s story about friendship, adventure, and loyalty. This book makes for an appropriate and wonderful read for children and, just as any good children’s story should, it subtly teaches values such as the importance of loyalty, friendship, and trust, as well as addressing both the importance and difficulty of change. The appealing narrative is written in bite-size chapters, and mainly from the animal perspective, inter-spaced with some of the humans’ tale in order to enhance the reader’s understanding of the situation Lav, or Purple Pup, finds himself in. Filled with action and suspense, this imaginative tale is bound to capture the heart of child and parent alike.
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