Darrienia and editing

Hi all,

I just wanted to stop by briefly to say a big thank you to all you people out there who have brought my book so far. I hope you are enjoying it, especially now the dark nights are creeping in, after all, this is the perfect weather for sitting and reading

I have been getting some really good feedback from the readers, which is only serving to drive me to work harder on the editing of The Severaine, which is the second book in the series. To be honest, I am really enjoying editing it, it has been a number of years since I last cast my vision over it, and if I am being quite honest, there are some absolutely fantastic parts in there I had completely forgotten about, and a few which have needed a complete overhaul.

I seem to be feeling very impatient at the moment though. Although The Severaine is not due out until next year, there is a part of me that can’t wait to finish editing it, perhaps because I am looking forward to that final audio edit, or maybe because I only remember small snippets of the third book, Remedy and recently I have been having some ideas on how to enhance the plot, not to mention wondering if it will surprise me as much as this one has.

Anyway, I just wanted to swing by and say hi to you all. I hope you have an amazing week.

Take care x


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