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Return to Warcraft

It has been a while since I last updated my blog, there are a couple of reasons.

Firstly I have been busy writing, I have decided after many years it is time to transfer the fourth book in the forgotten legacies series to the PC, for years now it has been sitting in two notebooks, and moving to random places around the house miraculously not getting lost or damaged. I have actually written all four books in the series already, they need some rewriting, polishing, and editing, but the fourth is the only one still in notebook form. Slowly but surely this is being addressed.

Secondly, I have had a few laptop issues, I recently upgraded my windows from 32bit to 64bit, but then windows did n update but failed to reconfigure and kept reverting back, I ended up installing the 172 files manually.
Since the update my browser is no longer supported by wordpress, so I am trying to upgrade, but again I am hitting the install issue so having to do one bit at a time.

And finally, I was roped back into the World of Warcraft. I now have three characters at level 90, I stopped played before Pandaria came out as the expansion didn’t really interest me, with the newest expansion I find myself returning, however my characters all need levelling before I can play the newest addition. I now have a L90 Ret paladin (Horde), L90 disc healer (Alliance) and a L90 Blood DK (Alliance). I can’t help feeling my paladin seems somewhat underpowered compared to how she used to be, I kind of feel like she is wearing cloth instead of plate, her survivability has just plummeted and her DPS, compared to my other plate classes, is rather low, even though she is equipped with brilliant gear. My Blood DK still hands people their armour on a plate and my healer, she’s still great at her job too. I am going to try her out in shadow spec to see what she’s like as a DPS as I am finding the timeless isle difficult, although I have already got a number of the larger chests, but there should be no chest left behind.

One thing I find a little odd, I painstakingly uncovered every area with every character, but since I have been away for so long, although I still have the achievements, all my map is back to being covered 😦 and stranger still, if i uncover it again, i get xp and the acheievement again… though it only shows once on my achievements section.

That said I can’t wait to get my garrison. My professions are finally catching up I still love my Inscription, I know it has become a little redundant now, but it’s still so fun. Sadly it is a profession attached to my Warlock (Horde) who used to be my main, but I don’t think I will level her, but we’ll see.

Recently, on my return I started a Worgan Druid (Alliance). She’s about L25 now and is equipped with heirlooms, however I intend to run the complete quests beginning to end for each area so progression will take some time, I’ve just done Blackfathom deeps.

It’s quite funny that I have so many Alliance characters, because I actually favour the Horde. When I returned though I deleted my Blood elf Shaman, Druid troll and Blood Elf rogue. So now my alliance side seems a little character heavy. I even have an Alliance hunter, who is nearly 60, I think I may delete her an reroll on the horde, that said I love the current pet I have.

Anyway, I am sure I have bent your ear enough about WoW now, and it is only a few minutes until the little man needs waking from his nap.

Have a great week everyone.

Until next time.


1 thought on “Return to Warcraft”

  1. I stopped playing WoW over 1 1/2 years ago. I have a undead warlock that is almost 8 years old. Cataclysm ruined the game for me. I played through Pandaria but all the lower level dungeons were nerfed so badly that I simply lost interest. In some ways, I suppose it’s for the best since I get more writing done now. Who knows? One day I may return to see the changes and additions, but any realm I’ve been on has been dead. No one in trade chat. Silence. 😦


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