Author Services

Book reviews:

As an avid reader I am always looking for more to read, there’s nothing I love more than getting my hands on a good book. When I write a review I do so honestly.

A review consist of one paragraph outlining the plot, avoiding spoilers where possible, and a second paragraph about my thoughts, highlighting the positive aspects. I will not publicly post a 3 star or below review without first contacting the author in question.

In order to ensure a fair review I ask that you first approach me via the contact form below and provide details of your book, such as title, genre and synopsis. This ensures that any book I agree to review is one I feel I will enjoy reading.

I will read books on KU or via .mobi files. If however you wish for a verified review, I will request the book value as an gift voucher in order to purchase it.

The completed book review will be shared on LinkedIn, Goggle+, Twitter, and Facebook, as well as posted on Niume.



Unlike other sites, I do not charge for a review, but I hope that you will make a donation to the DMWS. – The donation button can be found on the right side of the screen.

Additional Extras:

At a rate of £7/$12 an hour, I offer an optional gremlin checker (This means if I spot any typos or errors while reading I will highlight them and send you a list on completion. This will be actioned as part of a normal, casual read. Total project cost will be agreed prior to commencement. As this is a single read only, in alignment with other people who offer the same service, I cannot guarantee to spot every error, if any are present. I do, however, have a good eye and experience assisting indie authors with both ARC, beta, and post-publishing gremlins.

Author interview:

Author interviews are shared on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google+

To be featured on #SymposiumSaturday you will be asked to complete a word document interview and return with any images you wish to be used. You can choose the Saturday based on available slots.

Again I would request any participating would consider a donation to the DMWS, whilst most blogs charge a set fee, instead of profiting I hope to gain support for this charity.

Further information

If you would like to contact me in order to request to be featured on my site, please complete the contact form below.


Please note, I will continue to select and read books under my own volition and through Readers’ Favorite.