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Book review: Kia Carrington-Russell -The Shadow Minds Journal(@kia_crystal ‏ )

The days were fine, with seven demons contracted to her Vivian had their forms and reviewtheir knowledge at her disposal. She could hold her own against most, except perhaps a choice few. Lord Haymen was one of those she wouldn’t cross, besides, she was his to command thanks to her somewhat unwilling rebirth into the world of demons, angels and demon hunters. It was the nights she had to fear. In the night there were dreams, and through the dreams, demons came for her, but in the world of slumber she had no powers at her disposal. She could only run, run, hide, and hope she wasn’t worn down enough for them to take her over. It was something all those in her line of work feared, but she had more cause than most, unknown to anyone she’d had those dreams long before her rebirth, and she feared what this could mean. Another curse plagues her, she has desires that need sating, but anyone she takes as a lover ends up dead within three days, but her latest conquest brought with him serious consequences, and opened up the perfect excuse for Haymen’s enemies to get closer.

Kia Carrington-Russell’s The Shadow Minds Journal is a fast paced, tense, gripping adventure of lust, discovery, terror, hatred, tolerance, and power plays. Vivian finds herself caught between three powerful forces, Haymen, the angel of war, and the creatures who hunt her from the shadows. Being well written in alternating first person narrative, with each chapter header making clear whose perspective you are reading, adds to the up close and personal feel captured by this supernatural tale. There are graphic descriptions, atmospheric scenes, and excellent examples of building tension. As a reader it is impossible not to want to uncover the mystery behind Vivian and the powers she possesses, not to mention see how the growing relationships between characters will change form one moment to the next. A involved and inspired read that is certain to please lovers of the genre.


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