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Book review: Ginny Fite’s Lying, Cheating, & Occasionally Murder(@unwrinkledbrain )

Charlotte had a lot to prove. Especially to her father who thought she would always be, reviewlike her mother, second rate in her profession-or at least she was in his eyes. Often she had fantasised about shoving her ground breaking research down his throat, literally. She was comfortable, lived in a nice house with her husband, Harold, had lovers on the side, and always got what she wanted. She had thought the complex ties of her work were beyond the understanding of her husband, but he had seen something that had changed their relationship forever. But was it something to kill over? Her husband’s car is found ploughed into a building, two bullets piercing his head, suspicion falls to her, and soon people are pawing over her life with a fine toothed comb. Is she capable of murder, or is there another secret hiding behind her husband’s demise?

Lying, Cheating, & Occasionally Murder is a well planned, well conceived murder mystery, with characters that you will enjoy to learn more about as the plot progresses. Ginny Fite litters the plot with subtleties designed to both guide and mislead the reader to the ultimate conclusion. As a fan of murder mysteries I found this to be one book I had a hard time putting down, there is so much attention to detail that you’re not reading the story, you’re living it, trying to piece together events before the final revelation. As the title suggests lies, cheating, and murder are woven into the plot, and the author’s style of backtracking to previous events in order to paint a fuller picture of both characters and circumstances is impeccably executed. I’ll certainly be keeping an eye open for more work by Ginny Fite, and it’ll certainly win the hearts of lovers of the genre.


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