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Book review: The Ancestral Odyssey: The Utopian Dream by D.W. Gill (@MegasTeque ‏)

The Ancestral Odyssey: The Utopian Dream is an epic fantasy by D.W. Gill. Lethaniel had reviewbeen thought dead, yet this lone figure was found plodding through a field of death, a field of the countless lives lost to the horror of war and death he could have prevented, at least that seemed to be the opinion of those scarce few who were left alive. In a moment of reflection he knew what must be done, a way to usher victory and perhaps even ring in a new age. The odds are stacked against him, against his people, but he will stand his ground, he will prevail. There have been many beginnings since this world began, and a new start is long overdue.

Anyone who knows me knows there’s nothing more I love than to lose myself in an epic and with a paperback of 980 pages this is certainly that. D.W. Gill does not shy away from embracing fantasy, and this is the kind of book you can easily lose a day or two to. You cannot help but be invested in the characters, and what an array of characters there are. There is war, horror, and hope threaded with skill through a plot both epic in size, scope and undertaking and this only scratches the surface of the magical world built and developed by D.W Gill. This is one heck of a fantasy read, a must for the library of fans of this genre. From beginning to end you’ll lose a yourself in the well written, wonderfully descriptive style and be amazed at the attention to detail throughout.

Make yourself a hot drink, get a plate of sandwiches at the ready, because you will not want to put this down.

Book link:

The Utopian Dream




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